Saturday, April 2, 2011

Motivational QUote~

When feeling depress or don't have any strength to go further....
motivational quote may help a lot!

"The difference between a successful person and others is not lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather a lack in will"

bY~Vince Lombardi

Here's one I found out a quite motivational quote for me,
especially a lazy person like me

"It was a high counsel that i once heard given to a young person,

bY~ Ralph Waldo

So guys~ Lets Keep it up and gather all your strength to fight for your future =D

Saturday, March 26, 2011

~University Flea Market~

21 and 24 March 2011

Every semester there will be an Expo for student to sell some stuff


This semester its my turn to held an Expo for selling stuff

no matter what stuff it is as long as it is creative o(^.^)o


~My stall are selling Popiah Basah and Keropok~
*Don't ask me 'What's so special about popiah n cracker?'
IDK its what my group wants*

sorry i keep Shop around till forgot to take some picture of it (+.+)

anyway the expo is also like a flea market for me to shop

that's the BEST part of all is i bought lots of かわい と 安い stuff

Hand made Hairband~ RM 2 only~

~A Pair Of Cute Doll for Me n my Dear SaM~

Ok~ I
bet u guys r wondering wt* is this.....
actually its a DIY cup cakes....
alright~ my art failed =(

~ Ice Kacang made by my course-mate~
the real special things is the banana wrap by the green pulut thingy
quite nice (^,^) sabahan food

There's a lot more!!!! Games, Clothes, Accessories, Food, Art Craft etc~
I had a GREAT day Shopping and Selling!!!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Conflict....Conflict and CONFLICT!!!!!!

Some culprit!!! Changes the name list for public speaking group. You guys surly think that's a small problem BUT It is noT!!! the list is made by our lecture and it is pasted outside my lecture room! A HUGE propaganda was made after our lecturer find out.

1) a week for the culprit to admit and explain, the whole school know what happen to our batch!
2) if the culprit did not admit in a week time the whole class will get E

after a week.....

the whole lecture of IR came in the class where we were condemn... one by one the lecture speak out the dissatisfaction of theirs. Last but not least.... we are declare to get an E for our INternational LAw~ Great~
...................... after the lectures get out of class, only left our I.L lecture...........................................

she cried, we cried, EVERYONE cried....... Dramatic rite? I had to admit that i cried once she declare we got an E.................................. i was like wth.... how am i gonna tell my parent? I don't wanna retake a sem! NO WAY for staying in this HELL!!!!

.................. I.L lecture continue to talk.................................................
again she said that " I don't want to do this either, ok! ill give you all another opportunity. All of you ( 3 groups ) need to do another charity work and need to hand in the proposal by this friday ( she said on Monday), You all cannot ask money from HEP or Anyone.... You all also cannot hold on the grudge, appeal and complain to ME. If you all can't send the proposal on time then you all will get an E. One by one we have to agree that we will accept the term.

............................................... after the sad class......................................................

Meeting was held, the confirmation for next meeting isn't clear for me coz i didn't hear anything perhaps its because of my emotion down or not enough of sleep. I just cant focus!!!
As a conclusion, I missed out the meeting. Only 6 people attended the meeting. OUR PERFECT LEADER, sms our lecture and tell her that "my group doesn't give any commitment".

what the hell???? since you know Pn.M is unhappy with our class then why do you still being such a kid complaining to the M? I know you are very close to her but do u know that this incident will effect us? WHY can't you stop playing your politic game in the class? why don't you sms and ask where am i? why i did not come for the meeting? HELLO~~~~~ i don't know there's a meeting!

*sorry guys, my english might be weird... I just can't control and cool down.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

BooN Baby BirthdaY

28 Febuary~ Boon Baby BirthdaY~

.....K.K WaterPark & Japanese Shabu-Shabu in Suria Sabah for dinner.....
and last but not least we had a
warm celebration in the house where the whole housemate were there!!!
~Hope you had fun my baby~

Saturday, March 5, 2011

~The Lovely DoveY WeeK ~

My dearest Hubby come to visit me in Sabah....
It was such a wonderful moment where we spend our
1st Valentine and my Hubby Birthday together

12 of February... my hubby Birthday~

~ a whole set of LoVe~

~Specially Just for YoU~

14 Feb~ Valentine Day~

Thanks Bi for taking leave & wasting money---->> just for me =)

A week is too short for us
I loVe U so Much and u mean so Much to Me
Just like what I wrote in the card to u my dear....
~You may not be Perfect but you are Prefect for Me~

Opps~ I Missed Out My BloggY!!!!

Just realized I had left my Blog untouched for quite some time =X
Wanna Update~ what i did during CNY
sorry~ i know its quite late for me to update now
STILL I insist Hahaaa~ ShioK SendiRI~

Well nothing extraordinary happen in my CNY coz its only a week


I get to meet my beloved Family, BoYFrienD, N Friends o(^.^)o
Preparation for CNY is really tough n hectic~


when the whole family members sit together n have family dinner,
somehow I feel warm n full of happiness~

Looked Delicious right?
Oh mommy~ I missed your dishes badly~

Before the day I went back to Sabah.....
I get to meet uP with my 2 best Jimui..... KiMMy QIU n MeI LinG!!!!!
On the same day yet different timing >.<
First of all, I would like to thanks both of this pretty girl for sparing their precious time for me


Sounds so Formal

KimmY~ who's going to have her final exam at MONDAY!!!! spared her precious study time just for me n we took plenty of crazy picture on that morning till Noon
Plus Its the 1st time I got to seat her car~ Ehemmmm.... Kimmy, your promise which u made in form 6 came true! I am your passenger and u r my driver =3

P.S. Luckly u did not bang my house entrance like u did in....... Teheee~

~A normal and pretty picture for us~

~ There goes our a little abnormal picture~

~ TaDaaaa!!!! Our 38 Look XD~
Oh please don't chop my head off once u see this my dear Kimmy
\(>,<)/ I Surrender

As for Mei LiNG~ she is my life Saviour!!!
I need to go KLCC Kinokunia bookstore urgently to buy an International Law book
she sent me there "Practically" someone drive >,<

Sunday, January 23, 2011

An Ameature Writting

~My Current LifE~

My 4th semester had started for 2 weeks however my engine is still OFF!!! Thus I started to recalled why I choose such a tough Course and I don't even have any interest on it. Thinking and Blaming~ what else I can do? Its still the same old routine like my 1st year and now its my 2nd year, 2nd semester yet I am still the same old ME.


Sounds Great yea? But obviously its not my type of tea~
I am just not interested in it at all...
What? Why do i choose this Course?
That's a good Question where I don't even know how to answer....
Perhaps I am attracted to the course name which kinda sound Awesome!

~ Life for The 1st year~

I thought I can cope~ being a noob in the University...
having the motivations to study and

I Got the Best Student for the 1st year award~
sounds great too rite?

~ Life for The 2nd Year~

This is the year where studies get hard to cope~
Its all my MAJOR I am handling now~
No more MCQ, No more PPIB subject~
For the 1st semester, my pointer drop DRASTICALLY!!!!

Fortunately, overall I am still in the 3pointer above (0_0)'

~ sigh~

the situation is getting critical and worst in the 2nd semester

... That's what I am dealing right now ...